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Decades of combined experienced mediating construction defect complaints

Disputes between property owners, construction companies, contractors, subcontractors and other such construction professionals can be time-consuming and expensive to resolve. Not only can litigation prove an inefficient way to resolve such a dispute, the glare of a public trial could ultimately harm all of the parties involved, even if they are found faultless.

An experienced construction defect mediator, such as the Stockton lawyers at Quinn & Kronlund, LLP can prove a much more cost-effective and confidential means to resolve such disputes.

Mediating cases of Stockton construction defects

Construction defect cases differ from other commonly mediated legal disputes in a few key ways. For one thing, a Stockton construction defect case usually involves substantial physical evidence.

The initial step in most construction defect mediations is to assess the condition of the property at the heart of the dispute. Litigants often use neutral expert witnesses or construction, engineering and architectural consultants to consider the alleged defects in question.

During negotiations, a mediator can provide the type of neutral channel that proves so effective when settling legal disputes. By ensuring the concerns of all parties involved in the dispute are given equal time and weighed fairly, the mediator can propose fair settlement options by which all of the parties can abide. While the decisions of a mediator are usually not legally binding, most mediated settlements are honored because they meet the needs of both the property owners and the construction outfits concerned.

Furthermore, the results of mediated settlements are often completely confidential.

Types of Stockton construction defect cases that can be mediated

Mediation can resolve several types of construction defect disputes, including:

  • Disputes over easements and property lines
  • Nondisclosure of material defects
  • Construction defects
  • Commercial lease disputes
  • Construction collection
  • Mechanics liens
  • Civil engineer liability
  • Lateral support

Stockton construction defect attorneys helping through mediation

Construction defect disputes can often be solved through mediation. At Quinn & Kronlund, LLP, we possess years of experience handling construction defects through mediation. Contact Daniel F. Quinn either online or at 209-943-3950 today. We serve clients across California from our Stockton Waterfront offices.