Stockton Alternative Dispute Resolution Law Firm Provides Effective Guidance

Skilled California alternative dispute resolution attorneys serve as mediators and arbitrators

Going to trial can be a daunting, expensive process. Moreover, courtrooms put your legal concerns on public display and it can take years to reach a verdict.  Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a private, relatively inexpensive option for many litigants. At Quinn & Krondlund LLP in Stockton, ADR is our focus and we strive to resolve disputes promptly and efficiently. For more than 30 years, we have helped thousands of Californians avoid having to go to trial through our work as mediators and arbitrators.

Accomplished lawyers help parties work toward favorable results through ADR

There are two primary methods of ADR. In mediation, a qualified attorney fosters productive discussions to help parties to a legal dispute find common ground. It’s critical to find a mediator who can offer guidance on relevant laws and who can provide creative solutions when parties aren’t able to reach consensus on their own. We also offer arbitration services. During this process, the arbitrator renders a decision on a legal  dispute following a hearing where the parties present their evidence and arguments. Whichever forum works best for you, ADR has certain advantages over litigation:

  • Privacy — ADR proceedings are usually not matters of public record. Accordingly, mediation and arbitration might be a good choice for parties who don’t want to publicize their disputes.
  • Selectivity — Parties with complex cases often prefer to have their matter guided or decided by someone who can grasp the issues and relevant law.
  • Flexibility — ADR neutrals are not bound by the rules of procedure or evidence required in the courts and therefore may allow the parties more flexibility in how they present their cases. Parties may even choose to set special guidelines and procedures for arbitrators to follow during the hearing relating to their dispute.
  • Speed — For parties who want to end their disputes as quickly as possible, ADR allows them to set their own schedule rather than finding a date on the court calendar.
  • Cost — Parties who want to save on legal expenses usually save by using mediation or arbitration, which don’t require the time or formalities associated with litigation.

We are willing to work with all sides of a dispute to achieve as many of these advantages as possible in our own work as mediators and arbitrators and to seek them on behalf of our clients when we represent them in ADR proceedings. Let us help you decide if ADR will give you the advantages you need.

With the right assistance, ADR can resolve all types of disputes

ADR is useful for resolving a wide variety of complex, difficult or expensive legal disputes. It is often particularly effective in business disputes. During our decades of work in mediation and arbitration, we have been involved in arbitrating and mediating disputes involving a wide array of matters, including those involving:

  • Business conflicts, including shareholder and partner disputes
  • Personal injury claims, such as product liability and elder abuse actions
  • Construction defect cases and other professional liability claims
  • Insurance issues
  • Labor and employment conflicts
  • Healthcare
  • Agribusiness
  • Real Estate

Regardless of the particular nature of your conflict, we are capable of providing the highest levels of professionalism and service during your arbitration or mediation.

Contact an experienced, reputable ADR attorney in Stockton

If you think alternative dispute resolution might be the right forum in which to address your legal dispute, contact Quinn & Kronlund LLP either online or by calling 209-943-3950. Our offices are located near the Stockton Waterfront, and we serve clients across California.