Insurance Dispute Resolution through Mediation

Stockton insurance law attorneys helping you reach agreeable settlements

In the modern world, insurance is an unavoidable aspect of both personal and corporate finances. It can also be a dangerous legal battleground for both insurers and clients. When it comes time to file an insurance claim, insured parties must always be vigilant to ensure their carrier treats them fairly, while the insurance carrier must balance helping clients with protecting the company's bottom line. Sometimes working with knowledgeable insurance law attorneys such as those at Quinn & Kronlund, LLP is the only way a client can compel an insurance company to make good on a policy, or for insurers to insulate themselves from extra contractual claims.

But this does not mean that most insurance disputes need to go to trial. Mediation is often an ideal way to resolve such cases.

Why mediation is ideal in insurance disputes

In almost any insurance dispute, the goal of both parties is to settle the matter quickly, confidentially and inexpensively. A lengthy and expensive public court battle is the last thing most insurers or clients want.

A skilled mediator, such as Stockton attorney Daniel F. Quinn, can bring both the insurer and the insured together to negotiate a settlement outside of the courts. If both parties seriously wish to mediate in good faith, such mediations almost always result in a settlement that everyone can live with, avoiding the risks and expenses of a court trial altogether.

Insurance disputes our Stockton insurance law attorneys mediate

The Stockton, CA insurance dispute resolution mediators at Quinn & Kronlund, LLP can help resolve insurance battles brought by either side:


  • Insurance litigation
  • Large property loss claims
  • Medical treatment
  • Bad faith claims
  • Canceled coverage
  • Rejected claims
  • Disability coverage


  • Unfounded claims
  • Fraudulent claims

Stockton insurance mediation attorneys ready to help

No one wants an insurance dispute to go to trial — especially its participants. At Quinn & Kronlund, LLP, we understand how useful mediation can be in resolving insurance claims. Daniel F. Quinn focuses primarily on mediation and arbitration. If you or a loved one faces an insurance dispute in California, learn how mediation can help from our Stockton insurance mediation attorneys. Reach us online or at 209-943-3950 today.