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Arbitration is similar to mediation in that it is one of the most common types of practiced alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods. As with all types of ADR, the general concept allows the parties involved to resolve their issues outside of federal or state courts, avoiding potentially long and costly trials.

But while it is extremely effective in many cases, arbitration is not the ideal process to resolve every legal dispute under the sun. The Stockton arbitration lawyers at Quinn & Kronlund, LLP can help you determine which type of ADR, if any, is advisable in your particular case.

Stockton arbitration attorneys explain the process

In arbitration, a neutral third party arbitrator or arbiter is brought in to review the case. This arbitrator listens to the evidence and interviews all of the involved parties and then determines what action should be taken under what terms in order to resolve the matter.

The decision of an arbitrator is final and may either be binding or non-binding. In a case resolved through binding arbitration, the parties may not appeal the decision. A court may also mandate non-binding arbitration in a particular case, which the involved parties may appeal.

Disputes commonly resolved through Stockton arbitration laws

An experienced Stockton lawyer, like the ones at Quinn & Kronlund, LLP, often resolves legal disputes such as:

  • Labor law disputes
  • Employment law disputes
  • Issues involving construction defects
  • General business disputes
  • Medical and dental malpractice

Arbitration is often a faster and more efficient way to resolve business disputes than litigation. It is also often less expensive than a trial in terms of both time and money because the procedures are much less formal. And unlike a public trial, an arbitration process is often completely confidential.

Experienced, reputable Stockton arbitration attorneys

If you think arbitration might be the right answer for your legal dispute, contact Quinn & Kronlund, LLP. Our Stockton lawyers focus on alternative dispute resolution tactics. You can reach us either online or at 209-943-3950.