Trucking Industry Insurance Defense Litigators in California

Stockton firm represents companies and insurers facing complex liabilities

The trucking industry is routinely besieged by legal claims demanding compensation for bodily injury, property damage, cargo loss and death resulting from accidents and other casualties. Raising effective defenses and settlement strategies depends on having an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of trucking operations as well as a firm knowledge of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. At Quinn & Kronlund, LLP, we are adept at applying all available solutions to these complicated cases, with an eye on keeping our clients’ costs down to manageable levels. We are well-versed at investigating loss-causing events and assembling evidence critical to defending against charges of negligence or regulatory violations. Based in Stockton, we represent insurance carriers and self-insured trucking companies throughout California in mediation, arbitration and litigation.

Why trucking accident cases are more complex

The main distinguishing characteristics of truck accidents are the size and weight of the vehicles and their vulnerability to weather, road and traffic hazards. A fully loaded tractor trailer or semi-truck can weigh as much as 80,000 lbs., which means that collisions can result in catastrophic bodily injury and severe property damage. Even unloaded trucks can be prone to tipping over or jackknifing. However, the determination of fault for an accident is further complicated by the multiplicity of potentially liable parties, including the driver, the trucking company, the cargo shipper and the truck manufacturer.

Doing the spade work necessary to mount a strong defense against damages claims

Once retained for defense of an accident claim, we jump in and take swift and decisive action. We begin accident investigations immediately, amassing all available evidence and testimony. Using our knowledge of the trucking industry and of the applicable government regulations, we research all potential grounds of liability and all counterarguments that can be raised. This investigation and research is invaluable in achieving positive results, whether in settlement talks or in litigation.

Seeking effective resolutions through mediation and arbitration

Many conflicts can be brought to satisfactory closure through efficient use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Trucking companies and their insurers often want to settle claims quickly and maximize control of costs and fees. There are two main types of ADR that can be used:

  • Mediation — A neutral third party can bring about a settlement using mediation, a process that has the twin advantages of being private and nonbinding. The parties can candidly provide information to each other without fear of admitting fault or having statements or documents become evidence in court. The end product of a mediation is a proposed settlement.
  • Arbitration — This method of ADR is an out-of-court trial of a lawsuit or any of its component issues. Like a mediation, the forum is private. However, the arbitrator acts as a judge: hearing testimony, reviewing evidence and issuing a ruling that is binding on all parties unless vacated by a court. Besides providing finality, an arbitration often results in lesser damages awards than if a case goes to trial.

With our vast experience providing ADR services, we are well-equipped to help trucking industry clients take full advantage of either of these forums to avoid the costs and time delays of litigation.

Skillfully defending transportation companies in court

Although ADR methods can resolve most conflicts, there are times when it makes more sense to take the matter to court. This includes cases in which a trucking company can likely prove it bears no responsibility for the loss-causing event. If litigation is necessary, we will pursue it zealously with to the goal of protecting our client’s exposure at all turns.

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