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Stockton Mediation Attorneys Help Parties Reach Consensus

California firm provides alternative dispute resolution services and legal advocacy

With the guidance of a qualified mediator, you might be able to avoid the time and expense of litigation. At Quinn & Kronlund LLP, Daniel F. Quinn has successfully mediated more than 7,500 cases across the Golden State. From his earliest days as a Stockton lawyer more than 40 years ago, Mr. Quinn earned high praise from his fellow attorneys and business associates for his ability to settle complicated cases. Many encouraged him to become more actively involved in mediation and arbitration. In 1994, he finally took this advice. His partner, Michael C. Kronlund, brings more than 20 years of active civil litigation and arbitration experience to the firm. No one understands mediation — or its close relative, arbitration — better than our Stockton, California attorneys. We are also skillful advocates who represent our clients in trials as well as alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

Highly regarded attorneys maintain a tradition of outstanding service

Our work, whether in mediation, arbitration or litigation, is characterized by:

  • The respect of our peers — Daniel F. Quinn and Michael C. Kronlund have earned AV Preeminent® Peer Review Ratings by Martindale-Hubbell®, a recognition of their legal ability and ethics by attorneys familiar with their work.  Firms, government bodies, businesses and parties throughout the state frequently ask them to serve as mediators, arbitrators, special masters, expert witnesses and temporary judges.
  • Experience where it counts — In addition to mediating and arbitrating thousands of cases, our lawyers have ample experience advocating for a diverse group of clients. This real-world experience helps us to understand the .
  • Up-to-date knowledge of the relevant law — Our lawyers are involved with legal education and keep abreast of the latest trends in several areas of practice, giving us a strong grasp of the issues that come before us.

When you require  trustworthy guidance to resolve a legal conflict, our attorneys have an impressive success rate and frequently travel to accommodate the particular needs of our clients.

We treat alternative dispute resolution as a specialty, not just an option

Though many firms tout alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as an attractive alternative to going to court, you can’t maximize its advantages without an accomplished professional to lead the proceedings. We focus on two forms of ADR:

  • Mediation — One of the best resolution processes in the American legal system, mediation occurs when an independent third party, or mediator, helps two or more parties involved in a dispute negotiate a settlement. It is confidential, less expensive than a trial, resolves matters quickly and can ease tensions between the parties.
  • Arbitration — In arbitration, a qualified neutral third party, or arbitrator, listens to the evidence and issues a decision on the case. It is usually more private and often less costly than litigation.

We have extensive knowledge of numerous legal sub-specialties, such as:

  • Construction defects
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Healthcare
  • Agribusiness
  • General business disputes
  • Personal injury
  • Products liability
  • Professional malpractice
  • Elder abuse
  • Real estate

Though we focus on mediation and other forms of ADR, we have spent decades litigating cases related to personal injury, products liability, insurance, business fraud and other civil cases. We are always ready to use our extensive experience handling complex legal issues to meet our clients’ needs.

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Quinn & Kronlund, LLP conducts mediations and arbitrations throughout California and also represents parties in litigation and other legal matters. For a consultation, please call 209-943-3950 or contact us online. Our office is located near the Stockton Waterfront.