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California firm provides efficient alternative dispute resolution (ADR)

Nothing wastes time and money like litigation. No matter how successful a case’s eventual outcome, going to court often involves colossal costs, long delays and significant expenditure of time and energy better devoted to productive activity. It’s no wonder that most businesses opt for pursuing alternative means of settling disputes. At Quinn & Kronlund, LLP in Stockton, California, we make dispute resolution our main focus. We serve as mediators and arbitrators in ADR forums involving multiple industries and professions. Lawyers approach us to settle their most complex and highest value cases. We are also familiar with resolving impasses in cases already in litigation. When it’s time to call in the pros to bring your case to an efficient and fair conclusion, we stand ready to assist.

Highly regarded attorneys maintain a tradition of outstanding service

Our quality work in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is corroborated by:

  • The respect of our peers — Partners Daniel F. Quinn and Michael C. Kronlund have earned AV Preeminent® Peer Review Ratings by Martindale-Hubbell®, a recognition of their legal ability and ethics by attorneys familiar with their work. Firms, government bodies, businesses and parties throughout the state frequently ask us to serve as mediators, arbitrators, special masters, expert witnesses and temporary judges.
  • Experience where it counts — In addition to mediating and arbitrating thousands of cases, our lawyers have ample experience advocating for a diverse group of clients. This hands-on experience helps us to fully grasp the varied matters that we encounter as ADR providers.
  • Up-to-date knowledge of relevant law — Our lawyers are involved with legal education and keep abreast of the latest trends in several areas of practice, giving us a strong grasp of the issues that come before us.

If you require trustworthy guidance to resolve a legal conflict, our attorneys have an impressive success rate and frequently travel to accommodate the particular needs of our clients.

We focus our practice on providing effective alternative dispute resolution

Though many firms tout alternative dispute resolution services, you can’t maximize ADR’s advantages without an accomplished professional to lead the proceedings. We provide that role in two principal forums:

  • Mediation — This process calls for a neutral third party, or mediator, to act as intermediary between two parties in conflict. Mediation is confidential and nonbinding, so parties can freely make statements, exchange information and put settlement offers on the table without worrying about admitting fault or providing the other side with evidence. The process is also quicker and less expensive than litigation and it moves at a more leisurely, less stressful pace.
  • Arbitration — Another type of private ADR forum is arbitration, which is essentially an out-of-court trial. An arbitrator acts as a private judge who listens to testimony, reviews evidence and makes a decision. Usually, an arbitration takes less than a month to complete and ends with an award or order that is final and binding unless vacated by a court. It also can result in lower damages awards, since no juries are involved in the decisions.

We also perform other types of ADR, such as independent third-party evaluation of claims and settlement proposals.

Providing informed ADR services across an array of legal areas

Though we focus primarily on mediation and arbitration, we have substantial experience defending against a wide range of civil causes of action. We use our background as litigators to meet our clients’ dispute resolution needs in the areas including:

Our deep experience has helped us develop the essential skills needed for achieving positive results in ADR. We know how to identify key issues, recognize places for compromise, overcome obstacles and look for ways to maximize each side’s gains and minimize their losses.

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