Resolving Disputes through Employment Mediation

Employment attorneys in Stockton who understand alternative dispute resolution

Employment law is one of the most rapidly growing areas of specialized legal practice in the United States. But as court battles over equal opportunity and fair employment have grown more and more customary, the sheer numbers and expense of such trials have reduced the ability of the courts to settle such matters effectively. But there are effective ways to resolve employment law disputes outside of a courtroom. The lawyers in Stockton, CA at Quinn & Kronlund, LLP understand these alternative tactics and can help explain why they may be right in your particular case.

Mediation is especially effective in employment disputes

Successful companies do not take employment disputes lightly. One such case can cost a business millions in legal fees and potential damages. And if the conflict happens to be with a key executive, the effects can ruin even a well-established company.

For reasons such as these, companies often want to resolve employment disputes quickly and confidentially. Mediation is an ideal avenue for this.

A Stockton employment attorney explains mediation

When an employment dispute is mediated, an experienced third-party mediator — such as Stockton lawyer Daniel F. Quinn — meets with the parties involved and helps them negotiate a resolution. A neutral mediator increases the likelihood of reaching a consensus settlement by ensuring an unbiased channel of communication and by honestly striving to find settlements that answer the needs of everyone involved.

Furthermore, mediation is non-binding. While the resolution a mediator suggests is often adopted, there is no law requiring the parties to do so. The terms of any mediated settlement are entirely subject to the agreement of all parties and the discussions held during the process itself always remain confidential.

The Stockton attorneys at Quinn & Kronlund, LLP can mediate employment issues such as:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Workplace bullying, violence or threats
  • Discrimination based on:
    • Age
    • Race
    • Sexual orientation
  • ADA disputes
  • Constructive termination
  • Discipline
  • Performance management
  • Disciplinary matters

Stockton attorneys and reputable mediators in your corner

No matter where in California you live, Quinn & Kronlund, LLP understands how useful mediation can be in matters of employment law. Our Stockton attorneys bring years of practical mediation and arbitration experience to each case we try. Contact Daniel F. Quinn either online or at 209-943-3950 today. Our offices are located near the Stockton Waterfront.