Northern California Mediation Attorneys in Stockton

A swift, fair, confidential alternative to litigation

Thinking of taking a legal dispute to trial fills many people with dread. Many trials prove to be long and costly ordeals that force each side into extreme positions in order to prove their case. The system establishes clear winners and losers, but not always fairness or continued civility. Such prospects can keep people with valid complaints from ever seeking to resolve them through the law. But there is another way. The mediation attorneys in Stockton, CA at Quinn & Kronlund, LLP can help explain alternative methods to resolve legal disputes with a minimal expenditure of time, energy and frustration.

The nuts and bolts of mediation

Mediation involves bringing in a neutral third party, or mediator, to help the parties in a legal dispute reach their own settlement. Through a series of discussions, statements and private caucuses between the parties and the mediator, the process lets both parties negotiate and agree to a resolution with which everyone can abide.

Using Stockton mediation lawyers to resolve a legal dispute in Northern California has many advantages:

  • Mediation is especially useful when your dispute involves a person or persons with whom you want to remain on friendly terms, such as family members, co-workers or business partners
  • Unlike a public trial, the contents of mediation procedures remain confidential
  • Mediation resolves matters far more quickly than trials and appeals
  • The mediation process is usually less expensive than a trial, and all parties split the costs

The Stockton, CA mediation lawyers at Quinn & Kronlund, LLP are ready to explain in more detail how mediation can resolve your case.

Making the mediation process work for you

At Quinn & Kronlund, LLP, our experienced Stockton mediation lawyers can steer you through the entire mediation process. The steps we help you with include:

  • Determining if a mediation attorney in Stockton is indeed the best way to resolve your case, or if traditional litigation would actually be better in your case
  • Ensuring that you understand what each stage of the process is intended to accomplish
  • Negotiating an acceptable solution to the dispute

The Stockton mediation attorneys at Quinn & Kronlund, LLP have more than 30 years of combined experience mediating legal matters. Let us put that experience to work for you today.

Stockton mediation lawyers ready to help today

Mediation is not right for every case, but it works for many of our clients at Quinn & Kronlund, LLP. If you think mediation might solve your legal dispute, contact our Stockton mediation lawyers either online or at 209-943-3950 today.