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Category Archives: Mediation

Silence is Golden: Confidentiality of the Mediation Process

Legal disputes are often resolved effectively through the process of mediation.  One of the key advantages of mediation over litigation is the confidentiality it provides to the parties involved. Mediation Confidentiality in California Under California law, the only statement or writing made in connection with mediation that can be disclosed without the express consent of… Read More »

Choosing an Effective Mediator for Legal Disputes

Mediation is the most popular form of alternative dispute resolution. It involves bringing in a trained, neutral third party to help the parties reach an agreement. Mediation is cost- and time- friendly, confidential, and strives to promote cooperation and collaboration between disputing parties.  Many legal disputes across a wide range of issues can be resolved effectively… Read More »

How Is the Lawyer’s Role in Litigation Changing?

Current statistics show that the trend for attorneys to resolve issues through trial is on the wane. Clients, attorneys and courts often favor alternative dispute resolution over litigation. Stockton mediation lawyers can save you time, expense and often reach more optimal outcomes than for clients than they can obtain by battling it out in court…. Read More »